How to make a Dinner Party Special

You obviously don’t want to look the fool when out on dinner. Understanding the etiquette and manners to abide by can save you the embarrassment of being unable to cope with the situation. Here are some of the things you should observe while at a dinner table.

“Do the Lap and Dab”

Cloth napkins are meant to be placed and unfolded on your lap during the meal. They should not be tucked into your shirt collar nor draped over your chest. The napkin should be used to dab the sides of your mouth when eating. It definitely isn’t meant for wiping.

 “Work from the Outside In”

The table setting of a standard Western formal dining table should consist of a plate in the middle, a series of forks on the left and a series of spoons and knives on the right. This cutlery will be used for the appetizers and main courses. The smaller fork and spoon, placed above the plate, are meant for the dessert. Above the dessert cutlery, one will normally find three differently-sized drinking glasses for the beverages enjoyed during the meal.

“Tear and Savor the Bread’s Wonderful Flavor”

At some formal dinners, bread rolls are presented on the table and often accompanied with a swirl of butter. As much as we would like to dip the entire piece in our soup appetizer, we have to (unfortunately) resist the urge. The fine dining etiquette forbids us to munch. These bread rolls are meant to satiate your hunger a little before the actual meal is served.

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So you are planning to throw up a dinner party. Well, there are some things you should take care of to avoid messing the whole party and ruining the fun. It’s easy, just organize your time well, spend some time with your guests, and you may give them a surprise too. Your party will be one of a kind.

Plan your time

Do a time plan and think about what oven/hob space you’re going to need. If your starter, main course, side dishes and pud all need time in the oven it’s going to be tricky.


Avoid anything that’s going to keep you in the kitchen too long. You don’t want to have massive gaps between courses and then emerge from the kitchen flustered, covered in food and having missed half the conversation.

Is it homemade?

Your guests won’t expect you to have made the little extras. Cheese straws, spiced nuts, a quick, no-knead bread, ice cream, chutney or chocolate truffles are really easy to make and can be done in advance. We’re not suggesting you make all of them but if you add just one of these to your spread you can guarantee people will be impressed.

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A dinner party can never be complete without a bit of entertainment. This is what makes a dinner full of fun and captivating. You can incorporate some great fun in your dinner by bringing on a movie, a game or something that will keep your guests entertained and in good mood.

Make Dinner and a Movie a Tradition

A great way to entertain your guests when hosting a dinner party is by choosing a movie theme. Classics are always a fantastic choice. Whether it’s Bogey and Bacall in Key Largo or Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant in The Philadelphia Story, a classic movie is a fabulous way to spend an evening. To make it a whole dinner party theme, dinner menu can reflect the era or something actually featured in the movie.

Potluck Competition Game

Plain potlucks like the one described above can be a lot of fun. But you can also make it a little more complicated –and more fun– by turning the whole thing into a competition.

There are a few different ways to do this. One would be to have everybody bring their most-loved dish, and have the rest of the guests do a silent vote on their favorite. Or you can award prizes for “most unique” or “most surprising.”

Traditional Board Games

Whether you become a wealthy tycoon in Monopoly or rule the world in Risk, playing silly games after dinner is an age old pastime– and a really fun thing to do at a dinner party. Think this is passé and old fashioned? It’s not! I have friends whose monthly board game nights are anticipated with real relish. Whether its charades or board games you can all have a great time. Every game is different and engaging in its own way.

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