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The Loopholes Of A Battery Operated Ice Cream Scoop

Man has always strived to do better, to improve on the things that he already has. Problems almost always lead to innovative solutions. Unfortunately, the solution can bring about newer problems or issues which, again, need to be solved. And the cycle continues. Sometimes, I wonder if man will ever be content with what he has.

Take for example the ice cream scoop. Today we now have the electric ice cream scoop and the heated ice cream scooper. These innovations are supposed to address the problem of cutting through a solid block of hardened ice cream especially for individuals who may have carpal tunnel syndrome or who may have reduced strength in their hands. One of the gripes about the ordinary ice cream scoop is that it takes considerable strength to scoop ice cream especially when turning the utensil to scoop your favorite ice cream. The maneuver does require some degree of movement and strength particularly in the wrist. For some individuals who may have diminished strength, this might prove very challenging. Hence, the power ice cream scoops electric heated ice cream scoop or battery-operated one.

I like the idea that man would want to solve his problems. But if the only reason the battery-operated ice cream scooper was invented is so that people with diminished physical strength can enjoy for themselves several scoops of ice cream, is it not possible if they were served ice cream instead of having to scoop it themselves? Okay, I get the idea that they should take care of themselves. But given that they have disabilities, then I guess it is okay. But if the power ice cream scooper is also marketed for individuals who are perfectly healthy, I would call it laziness.

So, I gave a battery-operated ice cream scoop I got from Amazon a try. I followed the instructions to the letter. It took me about 2 minutes after switching the ice cream scoop on before I could use it. Once it touched the surface of my hard-as-a-rock ice cream, I noticed the temperature dropped down. In fairness I could just have used a heated spoon for ice cream instead. I couldnt move the ice cream scoop any deeper without exerting the same amount of pressure I normally would with a regular ice cream scoop. It was so frustrating. I mean, I was expecting a near-effortless ice cream scooping experience yet here I was scooping it the way I scooped ice cream using an ordinary ice cream scoop. Additionally, the handle of the battery-operated icecream scoop was way too bulky for my hands. I found scooping ice cream with the battery-operated ice-cream scooper to be frustratingly tedious as I had to wait with each scoop to let it warm the ice cream scooper up again. This is clearly not the best way to enjoy ice cream.

I ditched the battery-operated ice-cream scoop and reached for my trusted SuperEze Ice Cream Scoop. I finished scooping for my kids in half the time it would have taken me to scoop a single serving using the battery-operated scoop.

I love technology. But sometimes, the solutions man create are simply not commensurate to the expectations of others. I promised myself I will never get a battery-powered scooper ever again. Unless I am already an invalid and there is no one to serve me my favorite ice cream.

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