5 Ways Vegan Meat Products Can Make You A Better Human

Avoiding meat is not on the priority list for most people. In fact, there are only a few of us who realize that the planet doesn’t need so many animals killed in order to fill up a table for lunch. In parallel, the human race can do very well without meat, even though we don’t seem to think about it that way. Vegan meat products are the best way to wean yourself off of your meat addiction. Basically, they are completely meatless but offer the same texture, dense and feeling when you eat them. And yes, vegan meat products are burger-friendly and the healthiest choice you’ll ever make. So, why try them?

1. Lower Your Risk Of Cancer & Heart Disease

Yes, it’s true. According to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, vegetarians are less likely to get cancer by 25 to 50 percent – all because of the fact that they avoid meat. On top of that, there have been a lot of researches that have shown a vegetarian diet is proven to reverse heart disease, mainly because vegetarian diets reduce cholesterol levels.

2. Lower Risk Of Disease And Consumption of Toxic Chemicals

You may not know this, but factory farmed animals actually carry disease and a lot of times, that disease is the number one source of food-borne illnesses. Now, imagine how unhealthy this chain of diseases is and what pesticides and antibiotics do to the animals and what kind of food would you eat. These exact pesticides and other chemicals are 14 times more concentrated in meats than the ones in plant foods – not to mention the fact that half of all antibiotics used in the US are used in farm animals. Another reason why vegan meat products are getting more and more popular.

3. Save Energy and Combat Environmental Pollution

Did you know that it takes 28 calories of fossil fuel to produce 1 calorie of protein in beef – and only 2 calorie of fossil fuel to produce 1 calorie of protein in soybeans? The math is clear, our planet needs less production, and less meat could be the right answer for it.

4. Save The Natural Habitats

We all know the fact that it takes a lot more land to raise animals for food than it does to produce the equivalent nutritional value within plants. Rain forests are now being destroyed and replaced with huge cattle ranches, and animals are treated like machines, being pumped up with drugs and fed their own waste in order to grow or produce as fast as possible.

5. You Don’t Need It

We don’t need to eat animals in order to survive. And this is hands down the most important reason why vegan meat products are the greatest alternative. Instead of the torture to the animals and damage to the environment, we can let go of the desire, live a healthy life and still satisfy our needs with vegan meat products. In the end, you should know that a balanced diet can also be the key without eating any meat at all. Vegan meat products do contain protein, as well as tons of other healthy ingredients. But most of all, they are healthy and delicious as well. Click here to view our vegetarian products on our website! Enjoy!

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